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30 Day Workout Plan Courtney Prather Features

Know why most diets don’t work?

Because they set you up to fail- with restrictive meal plans and hours spent in the gym.

It’s time to stop yo-yo dieting and break the cycle.

Have you ever…

been really excited to start a healthier lifestyle only
to realize after a few days that it is too difficult to follow?

gotten results but had to suffer through plain, boring
food every night of the week?

30 Days to Lean will teach you to eat and workout in a sustainable way to finally get the body you want.


Here’s Whats Inside

How to build a
healthy lifestyle
that doesn’t interfere
with your life.

Learn how to get the body you want without messing up your
schedule. Most people get overwhelmed trying to make too many
changes at once, so let me show you exactly what you need to do.

  • Learn how to get in the right mindset to attract results
  • Get the rules to living fit to keep the weight off for good
  • Boost your knowledge with a simple breakdown of
    the science to getting fit, so you can ignore the myths

Easy to follow workouts
that maximize fat loss.

You don’t need a gym, expensive equipment or hours of cardio to lose weight fast. The workouts are quick- but challenging, so you get a major calorie burn and then get on with your day.

  • Workout Calendar shows you what workouts
    to do each day, which means no guess work
  • 7 different workouts that can be done in
    the home or gym in under an hour
  • 50+ video demonstrations of each exercise
    move so you don’t need to worry about form

Eating healthy
made simple

and delicious, even
if you hate cooking.

No boring meal plan. No eating the same thing day after day. And no counting calories or trying to turn grocery lists into actual meals. I’m going to show you how to enjoy your food and lose weight fast.

  • Daily meal plan takes the guesswork out of eating right
    and no two days are the same, so you won’t get bored
  • Over 40 easy-to-follow recipes with shopping lists
    to make cooking simple
  • All meals are gluten free with vegetarian and vegan
    options provided

Take your workout
with you anywhere
on any device

Easily syncs across all your favorite devices which means you can take it anywhere you like to workout.

Interactive design, clickable links and video demonstrations means simple navigation so you don’t waste time scrolling for the info you need.



as a free gift with your purchase.

In it, you will learn the common myths you’ve been told
that make it hard to reach your goals and the strategies
you need to know to get amazing results.

Courtney Prather 30 Day Workout Plan

Meet your trainer,

Courtney Prather..

This program is a result of years of research and experimentation, and everything I teach has been tested on myself and my clients. I wanted to find a way to have the body you want, without restricting your diet to boring foods and starvation level calories. That’s why I wrote this book, to share the tools to transform your body in 30 days while providing a blueprint to keep healthy habits for life.

After trying countless diets I couldn’t stick to, I learned first hand the importance of developing eating habits that don’t deprive you, yet still deliver results.

Now I want the same for you.


Here’s what you get with 30 Days to Lean

  • OVER 50 PAGES of healthy living secrets and tools that provide a blueprint for a healthy lifestyle that works for you
  • INTERACTIVE FORMAT with clickable content and quick navigation links throughout, which makes navigation a breeze whether you are looking at a workout on your phone or following along with a recipe on your tablet
  • PROVEN STRATEGIES for building the mindset and habits necessary to have a fit body for life
  • DO’S AND DON’TS to getting a lean body with been-there insights from your trainer so you can forget all the contradicting information out there that keeps you stuck
  • THE REAL SCIENCE BEHIND HEALTHY LIVING made simple in an easily digestible format to save you time and money in the future on products you don’t need
  • OVER 40 RECIPES that feature easy-to-follow, yet tasty creations. Pizza, bacon and pancakes-yep it’s in there
  • GROCERY LISTS that tell you exactly what you need to buy for each week of recipes so you save time at the store

  • DAILY MEAL PLANS that are different every day so you will know exactly what to eat and never get bored
  • ON-THE-GO TECHNIQUES to staying fit while traveling- this plan works with your lifestyle, not against it
  • WORKOUT CALENDARS that give you the full 30 day schedule in an easy to follow yet progressive program
  • 8 DIFFERENT WORKOUTS that will challenge everybody from couch potato to advanced gym-goer. Equipment is optional and you can do these workouts anywhere
  • 50+ EXERCISE DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS so you don’t have to guess how to do a workout safely and effectively
  • NUTRITIONAL FACTS provided for every recipe so you know exactly what you are eating and can see how it adds up if you like tracking your food
  • SUBSTITUTION MEAL OPTIONS available as well as guides to customize for special dietary needs or specific goals

See what people are saying about 30 Days to Lean

30 Day Workout Plan Before After

The pic on the left is 2 weeks before I delivered. I gained 45 lbs during my pregnancy. The pic on the right is 6 months postpartum. I am officially under my pre pregnancy weight. My weight loss had definitely plateaued before I started 30 Days to Lean and now it’s just falling off. I have lost 13 lbs and am feeling great!

Stephanie W., Lost 13 LBS!

"When I took my before pics I was so grossed out, I hid them deep in my phone..
but when I took my after pics it was a ray of hope seeing how much difference
there was in just a month. I have noticed so many changes in my body, even the
way my skin looks and how I sleep at night!" -M.G.

“30 days seemed so far away.. But now, here I am, 8 lbs lighter, 2” off my chest
and hips and 3” off my waist. As happy as I am about the numbers, there are
other things I am more excited about. I officially fit back into my pre-pregnancy
clothes, I learned that I can accomplish something if I put my mind to it, I learned
that moderation and consistency are the keys to success and I have a renewed passion
for fitness that I had lost. Thank you for putting together such an easy to follow plan!” -SW

I am so, so grateful for the feeling that I am finally on my way to breaking all of
my crappy binge habits. I’ve had a terrible time with food my whole life and only
recently feel like I can overcome them. -JN, Lost 6 lbs and 3.5 inches.

I learned a lot from this program varying from different healthy food options that
are available to me, to new exercises that I absolutely love! I can’t thank you enough! -CD

I just wanted to say thank you! I loved the workouts, meal plan, and I’m starting
it all over again! I’m in the zone and excited to be the best form of me!
-SC, lost 5 lbs, 7 inches and 6% BF

Thank you for providing me the tools to take control of my health in a sustainable way-
something I had really struggled with in the past! I feel equipped to continue pushing
myself in a healthier, fitter direction. My eating habits have always been the culprit to
yo-yo weight, and I feel like I am finally on my way to kicking that to the curb! -JN

When I started this program I wasn’t looking for a number on the scale or inches lost.
I’m a marathon runner and just wanted to improve my habits, mainly nutrition. You
could say “I run to eat”! This program was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.
The meal plan was my absolute favorite. I hate to cook and these meals were quick,
easy and yummy! I eliminated junk and as time went on, it didn’t feel like I was depriving
myself, it just felt normal. Can’t stop, won’t stop! -Carlos, lost 4 lbs

I have some exciting news! So, before I started this 30 day program I had no idea I was pregnant! I found out the first week in, so it kept me even more focused on clean eating and exercising! I feel great and I am now 10 weeks pregnant! Hopefully I’ll keep my baby bump at bay a little longer! Thanks for the great recipes and motivation. This is truly a lifestyle that I live by and you added more knowledge to my nutrition and exercise bank!

LB, Mom to be!
30 Day Workout Plan Pregnant

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

This was created to help you get into the best shape of your life and feel great about yourself. We’re absolutely confident that it will help you reach your goals.

However, if for whatever reason you decide that 30 Days to Lean isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


Who is 30 Days to Lean for? +

This program is designed for anyone ready to change their life and learn how to get the results they’re after. Men, women, fitness newbies and seasoned exercisers all have had success with the program (check out the testimonials above to see what we mean!). The meal plans and workouts are designed to help the average person lose fat, get healthy and change their current habits. The workouts are intense and effective, but instructions on how to customize them to your level are provided. Don’t worry if you aren’t ‘average’, there are specific instructions for what to do if you are pregnant, nursing, extremely overweight, vegetarian, vegan or just a really big guy. THIS PROGRAM ISN’T FOR someone looking for a ‘quick fix’ or are not interested in learning something new to make positive changes over the long term.

Why this program? +

Because we wanted to try something different. Most plans either offer generic guidelines that leads to a lot of guess work or specific meal plans that are designed to get fast results but are not sustainable. 30 Days to Lean is in an easy to follow format to limit guesswork and any barriers between you and a healthy life. The meal plan and workout calendar will tell you exactly what you need to do every day so you get the results you want and start to form healthy habits that will carry on much longer than the 30 days. It’s a blueprint for the healthy lifestyle you are after and will provide the tools you need to keep it going.

Do I need any equipment or access to a gym? +

You can do the workouts at home, in the gym or on the road. They were designed with your schedule and limited free time in mind. The optional equipment recommended are a jumprope and a pair of dumbbells, however, all of the workouts can be done with your own bodyweight if you choose.

What if I'm new to working out? +

Great! Then you will benefit by learning the most effective way to workout from the beginning: high intensity, full body circuit workouts. Don’t worry, all the workouts can be scaled to meet your fitness level and as you progress you will be able to make them more challenging so your body keeps responding! 30 Days to Lean comes with over 50 video demonstrations of every move done in the workouts so you will learn proper form and avoid injury-just like having a personal trainer! Also, each workout and exercise demo has specific directions on how to make a move or workout easier or harder.

What if I’m happy with my workouts but just need help with my diet? +

Even advanced exercisers or athletes can benefit from varying their training. That’s because the body is really good at adapting, so whatever training method you usually do gets easier for you overtime (not so good if you want to continue to lose weight). We suggest adding the workouts in a few days a week mixed with your current training, if you don’t want to halt your current program completely. They are short and guaranteed to challenge even the most in shape person, that’s the beauty of HIIT (high intensity interval training), it never really gets ‘easy’! Okay, and if you really don’t want to do the workouts (or can’t because of injury) the nutrition plan and recipes alone will help you reach your goals-because nutrition is 80% of your results. Period.

Is it ok to do while pregnant, nursing or after having a baby? +

You should consult with your doctor to get permission to start any exercise or fitness program if pregnant, nursing, or just given birth. With that said, assuming you have been cleared to workout, the nutrition plan is not a typical calorie-restriction diet so you will have plenty of calories and nutrients to keep mom and baby healthy- plus, we give guidelines on adding calories and meals if you are nursing and pregnant to help you figure out what works best for you. (Feel free to Scroll up to see the testimonials, as we have had quite a few new moms or pregnant women do the program with great success!) Regardless, 30 Days to Lean is yours to keep forever so you can do it when you are able.

I’m super busy. Am I going to have to workout everyday or spend a bunch of time cooking? +

This plan was designed to show you how to fit fitness in your life, not make it your life. Being happy and healthy is about finding balance and not obsessing over your workouts and meals and forgoing all other parts of your life. It just doesn’t work any other way, so you don’t have to worry about unrealistic requirements here. There are no long cardio sessions, no workouts over 45 minutes (most are much shorter) and the recipes are planned to minimize your time in the kitchen during the busy work week.

Is it just a general guide or does it tell me exactly what to do? +

You don’t have to worry about counting calories, following macronutrient guidelines or any other tedious task. The nutrition plan and recipes were created to effortlessly get you to ideal nutrition intake for fat loss without having you do any calculations. A grocery list is provided as well as over 40 recipes and a meal plan to ensure you don’t eat the same day of meals twice. No boredom and no guesswork so you ‘learn by doing’ and can continue to incorporate for many months to come!

Sounds great…BUT I don’t have extra money right now. +

Can you really afford to wait for health and happiness any longer? A lot of people think about getting in shape but few do anything about it and even fewer learn how to change their life for only $29 (special discount below if you buy now!). That’s like 10 minutes with a personal trainer, or $1 a day, or whatever sales comparison we are supposed to mention right now. Bottom line, there’s no risk in investing in yourself because there is a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy for whatever reason. So, why not now?

30 Day Meal Plan Summary
  • Getting Started guide to get you ready for success
  • 30 day workout calendar featuring 7 different workouts
  • Video library of exercise demos and tips
  • 30 day meal plan with grocery lists
  • Over 40 recipes with nutritional information
  • BONUS: 10 Things You Heard From The Fitness Industry You Should Unlearn Now eBook

30 Days to Lean is a digital pdf product you can access instantly after purchase.




You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

Most people want to be in better shape.

The sad truth is most people never take action to make those desires a reality. Don’t spend another day frustrated with your results.

Invest in yourself to see what you are capable of.

Change starts here.

Get 30 Days to Lean now for only $29

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